interaction potential with shan-chen mode

Dear friends:
we need to caculate the interaction fore as we use the shan-chen mode to simulate the single component multiphase flows. When x+e is outside the fluid domain,then how to determain the interaction potential ? I need your kind help and best regards


Gongyou Liang

Der Gongyou,

If it’s out of domain you can keep the same interaction potential G but you need specify the densities at those points (it depends either it’s wall or periodic boundary condition). If it’s wall when you will control the contact angle by specifying densities, if it’s periodic BC - you don’t have any special situation.

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Der Alex:
Thanks for your help and I will have a try.
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Gongyou Liang

Der Alex?
If it is a velocity boundary, then how to calculate the interaction potential psi(x+e) ?

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Gongyou Liang

Hi Goingyou,

If it’s velocity boundary conditions then you can calculate density and plug it into psi(x+e). However, I don’t know how it would be physical from the perspective of moving contact angles.