Initializing fluid inside a domain in Palabos


I am trying to modify the aneurysm show case to run a sloshing simulation in a tank (I have the STL file). I started off by removing the inlet outlet parts of the code, since the tank won’t have any inlet and outlet in my case. I was also able to successfully load the STL file. I already have a function which calculates the force at a time instant and have changed the BGKdynamics to GuoExternalForceSmagorinskyBGKdynamics. I am stuck in how to initialize the fluid inside the tank. At start time, there should be 20% water in the tank. Now I could do this like it has been done in damBreak case but in this case I also have baffles in the tank and owing to the large number of baffles, it’s not possible for me to manually write a condition for X,Y and Z coordinates to initialize fluid. Is it possible to have a general piece of code which can initialize the fluid inside such a domain without manually specifying the locations of the obstacles (as has been done in the damBreak case)?

Thank you in advance