implementation of bounce back boundary condition at corner control volume

Hello everyone…
I am beginner in LBM world. I am trying to solve 2-D heat transfer problem just to gain confidence so, that I can implement this technique to complex problem. Boundary condition is east and south walls are at temperature 0 K while north and west walls are at 100 K. while applying bounce back boundary condition, I am not getting how to deal with corner control volumes. I will be grateful to you if you help me to deal with this problem.


The bounce back boundary condition for 2D corners is not needed anymore.

I suggest you to read this paper:
On pressure and corner boundary conditions with two lattice Boltzmann construction approaches

Mathematics and Computers in Simulation
Volume 84, October 2012, Pages 26–41

which also available

Good luck

Thanks a lot Mecobio. I will go through this paper.