I want to contribute, open for suggestions


I am enrolled in the Master’s Degree of Simulation Technology at the University of Stuttgart and as a part of the lecture Simulation Software Engineering, I would like to contribute something to Palabos. The aim of the aforementioned lecture is for each student to contribute to an open-source project within the framework of an individual challenge, to work through one entire contribution cycle “in real life” following all the steps. The contribution’s focus is more on learning the procedures of working on a larger project. Consequently, it does not necessarily need to be on a scientific topic, e.g. implementing a tutorial or fixing bugs, but can also be a task like writing something for the documentation or homepage, etc.

I worked on projects with LBM simulations before which is why I chose Palabos. Furthermore, I already read the first chapters of the User Guide, downloaded Palabos, and read through the provided Tutorials. I’m familiar with C++ and Python and use mainly Ubuntu for programming (although I also use macOS and Windows).

Since I don’t just want to e.g. fix some typos, I am open to suggestions to contribute something useful to Palabos.
An Idea I have is to provide some sort of packaging e.g. a Spack package.


I think that’s really great that you are willing to contribute to open source projects and you even have classes on the topic. Of course honored you chose Palabos.

I don’t really know what Spack is and how it could benefit Palabos but since the installation under linux/mac os is pretty straightforward (and not too difficult under windows) I don’t see a huge value in it.

There are different options I can think of if you are interested which depend a lot on the time you must use on the project.

If you want we can discuss it by visio conference. Just drop me a PM (or write me an e-mail, orestis dot malaspinas at hesge dot ch).