how to modify multiComponent3d

Hi everyone,

I am using the multiComponent3d in the OpenLB
and I want to Know how to modify the code.
I want to make the inigeometry to the sphere of fluid and others Vacuum.
fluid is high viscosity.
It maybe easy way to modify like that
but when I made that geometry and run the code , the sphere is broken in a few time step.
give me any idea.


Actually when I used in the inigeometry,I make the code x[sup]2[/sup]+y[sup]2[/sup]+z[sup]2[/sup]<r[sup]2[/sup]and did not change the rest of the code and if I change the G variable(example, lower), the calculation last, even set the Viscosity rate larger.
but ordinary G variable , couldn’? last for larger Viscosity.and result in the explosion the sphere.
give me any idea.



Hi all,

I found the Units.h in the directory CORE.
and I changed the LatticeNu with changing LatticeU,Re,resolution.
and Run the code. then the sphpere was going to get smaller and Vanishing at last.
it happens both low latticeNu and High,
I’d like to control the behavior.
and one more things G Variable is what?
give me any idea.