How to impose velocity and density at boundary in palabos simultaneously?

HI, everyone.
I need to impose the velocity and density at boundary simultaneously, how can I realize it?
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Hey ltpreson,
Does using dirichlet boundaries for both not work ? I’ve only applied one at a time but I suppose you should be able to use them at the same time ?
(after creating the boundary conditions)

Hi Catsgomeow,
Thanks for your reply.
However, it doesn’t seem work.
This way could only make the first - imposed value to be set, the second one couldn’t achieved.
Many thanks

HI, Catsgomeow,
Do you have any other clues about this issue?
It does make me anxious these days. :slightly_frowning_face:

hey tianpei,
I got busy with something so didn’t really ever get a chance to look. But it’s true you can’t redefine a boundary with that I forgot.
Looking at the manual again in section 9.2.4 might be what you’re looking for though.
Sorry i can’t be of more help, it’s not something i’ve ever had the need to do

Hi Catsgomeow,
Thanks very much for your warm reply!
Good luck.