High velocity,Mach and Reynolds number

Good morning , LBM people
I have a question about the limit with mach number < 0.3 for incompressible flow.
I’m tried to simulate a channel flow with a cavity hot bottom, when I used Re = 100 I dont have any problem with the result and flow topology, but when I try to simulated the same case only with the diferente values Re = 500, the result its not good whit the other benchmark

for my simulation I used

L = 80 ( real L = 0.1(m)
Re = 100
U = 0.12 ( U convertion lattice units (0.015m/s)I used some article
V = 0.09 ( Viscosity real ( 0.000015 m²/s) …

with this case I got a excelent result (topology,nusselt number, velocity in the cavity), then I want to change the reynolds number for study other case ,Re = 500 so,all values is the same, only I recalculated of V(visco) and the result and topology the simulation is diferent whit the benchmark

any idea what happend, the problem?

in other case I increased the L for the same V(visco) so I get a U = 0.6 that I think that is not good simulation since Mach number Ma = 1,03923, the simulation is not steady

Thank for you attencion