High-order accurate curved boundary

Hi all,
what’s the interest of Palabos community in a high-order accurate curved boundary condition as Filippova’s one?
I’ve already implemented it in my one code.

How to deal with the collision operator on the point that is near curved boundary.could you send your code to me? Thank you! My E-mail adress is chenqing86878@gmail.com

Hi Alex,

I’m also interested in implemeting it in my code, e-mail (a_martin3000@yahoo.com)



Two curved boundary conditions are currently implemented in Palabos, in the directory palabos/src/offLattice/, in the files guoOffLatticeModel3D.h, and generalizedOffLatticeModel3D.h and .hh. If you are interested in implementing a new model in Palabos, I strongly recommend that you first have a look at one of these, as it shows you how to implement the boundary conditions in parallel, and in a way that is compatible with other Palabos features.