Help LBM

Dear all
I have a physics problem in LBM
I simulate mass transfer on prob, placed on the down wall of a channel.
then I calculate the Sherwood number on the surface probe which is (integral (dC/dy)y=0)
I choose the dimension of my problem that it corresponds to experimental problem
lxly= 60060 lattice

  • The length of the probe = 10 lattice
    the result that I found are not wrong.
    but my chief, who has never worked with LBM, tell me that 10 lattice for the prob is not accurate and would never make an accurate result.
    he want about 100 lattice for only the probe (for the mass boundary layer)!!
    and so i will have a million nodes in my problem!!
    It is the only solution ? and my result are they wrong?
    please help me


I think that nobody can directly say that 10 lattice nodes are not sufficient. I would do the following: Try to increase the resolution stepwise (20, 40 nodes, say) and check out the result. If it does not significantly change, you have already a good result. Otherwise you have to increase your resolution. Plot your results versus resolution and show it to your supervisor.


Thanks for your answer I will do this now!
We can say that resolution in LBM is closely related to accurate like classic CFD?

In depends on what you do. But as far as I know, the accuracy is quite comparable for simple applications.