Hardware requirements and L/D analysis...


I am looking for a CFD code suitable for the analysis and oprimization (drag, lift and lift/drag) of T-hydrofoils e.g. by means of winglets.

The hydrofoils have a span of about 1m and chord of about 0,1m and operate in the range of Re = 250.000 to 2.000.000.


  1. The flow pattern is partially laminar, partially turbulent - can this be simulated? (I think that’s inherent in the LB approach)

  2. Can you give me an indication, what hardware would be required to run 3D simulations on such a hydrofoil? (as LB is supposed to have high hardware requirements)

  3. Does Palabos support GPUs to speed things up?

  4. Does Palabos support mixed precision or quasi double precision computing on GPUs? (there has been research in those fields related to CFD showing significant performance improvements leveraging half or single precision performance of GPUs)


Hello Klaus,

Yes, the LB method can simulate both laminar and turbulent flows. At a Reynolds number as large as yours, you will certainly need a turbulence model, though. Have a look at the implemented Smagorinsky LES model.

It’s difficult to give a general rule. Your problem sure looks like one that should run on a parallel cluster.

No, there’s no GPU implementation as of version 1.1 of Palabos.