Grid Refinement - VTK Output

Hi everybody,

I tried to do a grid refinement in the showcase cylinder2D and I wanted to give out the data as VTK File.
Is there a possibility implemented that I could use to create VTK files from a MultiGrid lattice?

Thank you very much.

I have a second question concerning the showcase cylinder2D with a grid refinment.

As I understood from the showcase GridRefinement the data type of the parameters is changed. Instead of IncomprFlowParam we use ConvectiveRefinementParameters, which are calculated from the normal parameters in the main loop.
Giving this datatype to the functions which calculate the velocity profile creates errors that there are no methods

  • getResolution
  • getLatticeU
  • getNx

Do I have to add this methods to the class or is there another possibility to use the given classes and to avoid implementing this or an explanation how to use these two datatypes?

Thank you very much


I will answer your questions:

  • Yes you can create VTK from the 2D domain, the only problem is that you will have one VTK per refinement level. The procedure is to use the MultiGrid2D method getComponent(plint whichLevel) to access to the different levels. Soon we will modify to add the possibility of a single VTK file with all the needed informations.

  • ConvectiveRefinementParameters is just a wrapper for a vector of IncomprFlowParam. To each refinement level you have differente parameters, and you can access them with the operator[level_] which returns the parameters of level_