getTypeOfModification - ModifT

Dear all,

I currently work on some data processing functionals, and would like to ask about clarifications on the method

virtual void getTypeOfModification(std::vectormodif::ModifT& modified) const

or more precisely, on the meaning of the values of
enum ModifT {
  nothing = 0, staticVariables = 1, dynamicVariables = 2, allVariables = 3,
  dataStructure = 4, undefined = 5

As far as I understand, this method is called when updating the single blocks of a multi-block structure. The question that arises is the following: What is the difference between staticVariables, dynamicVariables and allVariables? Which one do I need to set when I explicitly want to modify the populations in a cell, or the density, or an external variable?

Thank you in advance


it would really be great if one of the developers could comment on this. The documentation only discusses the old implementation with

void getModificationPattern(std::vector& isWritten) const

Dear Phillipe,

Let me include a part from the source code:

/// Indicates what kind of cell content was modified and must
///   be updated in a multi-block structure.
enum ModifT {
    nothing          =0,  //< No modification.
    staticVariables  =1,  //< Static cell content (populations+externals).
    dynamicVariables =2,  //< Only content of dynamics objects, but no static content.
    allVariables     =3,  //< Both the static and dynamic cell content.
    dataStructure    =4,  //< Recreate dynamics and copy both static and dynamic content.
    undefined        =5   //< Used for debugging purposes only.

So, if you want to modify the populations at a cell you need to use “staticVariables”. If you need to modify the relaxation parameter of a cel, you need to use “dynamicVariables”. If you need to change localy the dynamics, you need to use “dataStructure”, and so on…


Thanks a lot, Dimitris, this clears things up! Feel a little stupid now, I could have found this out by myself…

Dear Philippe,

This is what the forum is for! To try and clarify some of Palabos dark corners…