Generall question on input files

I know you guys usually don´t answer generall programming questions, but so far I didn´t find any good guide into MPI-programming in the web, and besides its really a simple question:

I use a simple textfile to store some simulation parameters with plb_ifstream (and also read the data later).
As pointed out in your guide one has to use the broadcast-command:

global::mpi().bCast(&nx, 1);

So far, so good - but I also like to read a line as a (since its C++) - but I can´t get the broadcast command to work with a string datatype. Now I´m just using a char[] and it works fine, but I´m just wondering how it´s done with a string.

So can some1 point me to a nice guide about MPI programming with C++, or just solve the question ? :slight_smile:
Or is the solution somewhere in the string-class - most likely a correct value for the lenght would do the trick ?

thanks for any help,