Gas flow with Knudsen about 1

Hi All,

I need to simulate flow of rarefied gas (with high Knudsen number) in domain with complex boundaries.

Is LBM method suitable for this? If so, give me please some tips how to write program for this case (for any simple boundaries).

Or may be some links/references?



Dear mkompan
take a look at these refs:

1-Lattice Boltzmann modeling of microchannel flow in slip flow regime
Frederik Verhaeghea, Li-Shi Luob, and Bart Blanpaina
Journal of Computational Physics
Volume 228, Issue 1, 10 January 2009, Pages 147-157

2-Capturing Knudsen layer phenomena using a lattice Boltzmann model
Yong-Hao Zhang, Xiao-Jun Gu, Robert W. Barber, and David R. Emerson
Phys. Rev. E 74, 046704 (2006)

3-Lattice Boltzmann modelling Knudsen layer effect in non-equilibrium flows
G. H. Tang ,Y. H. Zhang , X. J. Gu and D. R. Emerson
EPL (Europhysics Letters)
Volume 83, Number 4
doi: 10.1209/0295-5075/83/40008

good luck