function setBoundaryVelocity

setBoundaryVelocity(lattice, Box2D(1, nx-2, ny-1, ny-1), Array<T,2>(u,0.) )

in this “Array<T,2>(u,0.)” what does it do or i want to understand what is happening in this command line


It is used to set the velocity boundary condition of the location defined by Box2D(1, nx-2, ny-1, ny-1). It means that the velocity in x direction is u whereas it is 0. in y direction.

thank you sir,

for your reply, please let me know the below line if i am interpreting right or not

1>T poiseuilleVelocity(plint iY, IncomprFlowParam const& parameters) {
2> T y = (T)iY / parameters.getResolution();
3> return 4.parameters.getLatticeU() * (y-yy);

Here Poiseuille velocity profile is given on y co-ordinates. and the flow is incompressible. this is for first line
in second line, T y is storing the values of RHS
in third line what does mean return; 4* it will take value of velocity * (y - y*y)