Fortran Code for LBM

I have recently started with my research on LBM… and also started working on Fortran…
i wanted to know if thr are any available codes on LBM in fortran… and how about codes for “High order Lattices”
If any one has these programs please let me know… So that i can go ahead with my research…

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Hi Dear All,
Can any one tell me, that if i have a geometry two parallel walls. The wall in x-direction is 34 cm and the distance between the two walls is 1.4 cm. How i can convert this to get the grid side NX X NY for LBM.
Thanks in advance

there is one quite simple code on the Note that it is only for the standard d2q9 lattice. You should also note that it is not optimized at all and rather slow. You should note use it directly but rather for “learning” purposes.