Flow over STL type of Porous Media

I am trying to solve for a flow over the STL type of porous media.
The STL file is reading during running the program and it seems that the STL file is OK
but the error message coming out when it reaches the command of “guoOfflatticeModel3D”
If there is any body know about this error message, pleas let me know what the problem is.

Voxelizing the domain
Size of the Multi-block : 289-by-97-by-97
Number of atomic-blocks: 1
Smallest atomic-block: 289-by-97-by-97
Largest atomic-block: 289-by-97-by-97
Number of allocated cells : 2.7192 million
Fraction of allocated cells : 100 percent

/home/pius/palabos-v1.4r1/src/offLattice/guoOffLatticeModel3D.hh:125: void plb::GuoOfflLatticeModel3D<T, Decriptor>::
prepareCell(const plb::Dot3D&, plb::AtomicContainerBlock3D&) [with T = double, Descriptor = plb::descriptors::D3W19Descriptor]:
Assertion ‘ok’ failed

I’ve been having the same issue when using meshes with sharp edges.

Did you find a solution?