exterior free-surface calculation with STL obstacle

Hello everybody,

I am trying to simulate a dam break with a downstream obstacle patched from the STL file.
So far, I have managed to generate triangles from STL file and voxelized the domain with an outside voxelFlag.
Now I need to feed TwoPhaseFields3D<T,DESCRIPTOR> first with SparseBlockStructure3D and some other arguments.
The question is how do I do that? How do I use voxelizedDomain in generating TwoPhaseFields3D?

Anyone knows?
Thank you!

Hey there,

from your question I have understood that you are rendering the geometry from a .STL file to which you need the boundary of the any kind of geometry rendered or u need a code for import of geometry. So corect me so that I could help because I have worked with both of these cases.

Hi and thanks for your reply!
have managed to import the STL geometry. The thing I cannot cope with now is how to apply OffLatticeBoundary condition on such a geometry. Please note that i am using the freeSurfaceModel (TwoPhaseFields3D). Thank you for your suggestions!