error in MPI run

Hi, dear all.
I run my Palabos code today, but it didn’t work. The error message is as following:

case1: /palabos/palabos-v0.7r3/src/core/dynamics.hh:1015: unsigned long plb::unserialize(plb::Dynamics<T, Descriptor> &, const std::vector<char, std::allocator<char>> &, unsigned long) [with T = double, Descriptor = plb::descriptors::ForcedD3Q19Descriptor]: Assertion `serializerPos < data.size()' failed.

Fatal error in MPI_Recv: Message truncated, error stack:

pkt_GLEX_ZC_RTS_handler(253): Message from rank 25 and tag 0 truncated; 334152 bytes received but buffer size is 58344

I don’t understand about the error message. So cound anybody tell me why it comes to this…

best regard!