Error in document: How to, LB units

Dear Palabos,

I would like to inform you about some type-o’s made in the “How to” document made for the LB units. This especially concerns chapter 3. First of all, in the problem formulation there is a subscript p missing in the second equation at T. Then, the physical constant T_c is first defined as T_{c,p} but then later on defined as T_{p,c}.

Then we continue to section 3.2, where (for me) a big mistake has been made. As a mathematician, I do/did not know/knew a lot about all these dimensionless numbers. Hence I did not knew how the Rayleigh number was defined.
In this document you give the definition of this number with reference length l_0^2. But, this must be l_0^3… because if it is not that number, then I think the Rayleigh number is not well defined and then the dimensionless formulation does not hold anymore.

It took a really long time for me to figure out this error and to know for sure that this document was wrong. So please update it.