dynamic Smagorinsky model

Hello everyone,
I’m wondering if anyone has used the dynamic LES implantation in palabos (the files are under “complexDynamics” folder) and could help me understand how to use it and call the solver. Is this a stand alone implementation or does it work simultaneously with the static LES sovler? I’m not sure if this is a finished product or not as I couldn’t find any examples for the dynamic model.

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I am also interested in the implementation of dynamic LES. The dynamicSmagorinsky dynamics or functionals in the “complexDynamics” folder seems to be a framework only instead of an implementation.

I am trying to follow the paper by Premnath et al. (2009) “Dynamic subgridscale modeling of turbulent flows using lattice-Boltzmann method”, would anyone provide any advice on the implementation in Palabos? I will very appreciate it.

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Dear friends
I want to expand the LB equation by Chapman-enskog to derive extended Bousinnesq equations.
This system of equations contain two nonlinear equation with two main unknowns. In the one of these two equatios, we have a third order differential term that is first order temporal and second order spatial.
Now I do not know that how can I expand the LB equation to cover this term.
I will be so grateful if you help me.