decrease density in droplet in multicomponent2d

hello all

I want to simulate droplet with different contact angle with lbm (shan-chen multicomponent2d) in palabos. I also read all paper and mails that you send to me. For this purpose, I read this paper (Proposed approximation for contact angles in Shan-and-Chen-type multicomponent multiphase lattice Boltzmann models ,PHYSICAL REVIEW E 76, 066701 2007). I modified the sample code rayleigh-taylor2d , (change initial density and location of each component and resolution of box) and apply wetting properties to walls for obtain droplet near the my example rectangle of
the ?rst substance surrounded by the second substance. First fluid has density 2 (initial density in droplet is 2) and second fluid has density 0.6(light flow has initial density 0.6 and stay order 0.6) &G=0.75. After some iteration density of droplet(first fluid) reduce to 0.4 !
I also changed my cohesion parameter (from 0 to 2) but density in droplet still reduced. density in droplet (heavy fluid) is quickly decrease. I think it does not true, because density in core of droplet must be constant(rho=2) . It seem my finding to conflict with result of paper (Proposed approximation …) .What shall I do to make sure my simulation is correct and my droplet has a correct density? Is my simulation incorrect? I’m very confused .
I appreciate any help in advance.
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It looks like you use the one-component Shan-Chen model. Are you sure that you use multicomponent?