Dam Break not behaving as expected

Hello all,

I have just run the damBreak3d simulation with no changes made as a test. Compiled and ran fine, but when it came to visualising the results it did not appear as I expected.

Specifically, the water simply “lumped” over the obstacle, with no droplets or splashing forming.

I am using the suggested parallel parameters:
2. kinematic viscosity in physical Units (m^2/s) .\n"; 1.e-6
3. Bond number (Bo = rho * g * L^2 / gamma).\n"; 100
4. Contact angle (in degrees).\n"; 80
5. number of lattice nodes for lz .\n"; 100
6. delta_t .\n"; 1.e-4
7. maxIter .\n"; 80000

Am I making a silly mistake here? The interface.stl should capture droplets that form, correct?


On re-running the simulation the water does splash, creating droplets when it hits the obstacle. The problem now is that the droplets suddenly expand in the air to fill the entire domain and I get the following error in the output file (sudden jump in lost mass).

[i]ITERATION = 5820
Time of last iteration is 1.35956811905 seconds
Average Mass: 0.208514799917
Average Density: 1.0001338993
Average Volume-Fraction: 0.214055809561
Sum of mass matrix: 5371341.24587
Lost mass: 2.75412832002
Total mass: 5371344
Interface cells: 172896
Total time spent for writing images: 2171.35068274

Time of last iteration is 1.42285490036 seconds
Average Mass: -nan
Average Density: -nan
Average Volume-Fraction: -nan
Sum of mass matrix: -nan
Lost mass: 1.35144789266e+278
Total mass: -nan
Interface cells: 183213
Total time spent for writing images: 2178.06889558[/i]