D2Q7 with hexagonal boundary conditions

Hello all–

I’ve recently coded a D2Q7 LBGK model with variable size grid and hexagonal boundary conditions in MATLAB that takes a generic x-y velocity field as input. It relies heavily on rather esoteric subroutines that I have used in completely different applications but that made this sort of thing tractable and as such is not fast, but it appears to work. I have simulated a flow that has local (i.e., well within the interior of any given hexagon) initial conditions that look like a Taylor-Green vortex, and used this (along with a couple of selections for the BGK relaxation time) to confirm that my code is at least giving plausible results. So far, it seems to be correct.

What I’m wondering is this–what other if any good simulations might there be to validate and monkey around with this code? Suggestions most welcome and thanks–


poiseuille flow? backward-facing step? cavity flow?