CVMLCPP_treeReader small bug in version 0.7r2

in version 0.7r2, in the CVMLCPP library interface files, (CVMLCPP_treeReader*.*), some “int” variables have been changed to “plint”. In the h-files, this change was forgotten. This leads to errors on the Mac gcc 4.2.1 compiler!

Solution: In CVMLCPP_treeReader, change the line 40 to:
void findPath(cvmlcpp::DTree<T,D> tree, cvmlcpp::DTreeProxy<T, D> &wantedNode,
std::vector<plint>& indexes);

and in CVMLCPP_treeReader3D.h, change line 85 to:
Box3D decodeIndexes3D(std::vector<plint>& indexes, int height);

Thank you. I followed your solution and compiled suceesful.

I just confirmed this bug and your fix in version 0.7r3, thanks!