Course announcement: developing lattice Boltzmann programs with Palabos

Attention: The deadline for subscriptions is January 17

Palabos is an open-source software library which is used by researchers to develop new lattice Boltzmann models and by engineers to run simulations for various types of fluid flows. As an ambitious project which was developed collaboratively during four years by researchers from different fields, Palabos implements many common lattice Boltzmann models, tackles complex physical phenomena like thermal and multi-phase flows, offers a neat programming interface, is massively parallelized, and has extensive support for data visualization.

We are pleased to announce that a three days course on Palabos will be taught at the University of Geneva, Switzerland. It provides a beginner’s introduction to Palabos, taught by the authors of this library and by experts in the field of lattice Boltzmann. The course is predominantly practical, and the participants will develop actual programs with Palabos. After two days of general theory and practice, the participants can discuss the possibility of applying Palabos to their own domain of interest and to start an individual project.

The course takes place on February 8 - February 10, 2010. The participation fee is 150 Swiss francs (approximately 100 Euros). Places for this course are restricted, and participants are accepted on a first-come, first-served basis.

Further information on the course and a subscription form can be found at the web address

Further information on Palabos is provided on the web site

The Palabos team.

It’s a pity, I didn’t read about this! It’s really interesting !

Do you think you’re going to do another course?