Corners between periodic boundary and tangentially moving wall


I’m working on the implementation of a boundary condition inside the Palabos code.
While testing it on different benchmark cases, I encountered the difficulty mentionned in the title.

For example, I’ll take the Couette flow.
The channel is set along the x-axis, the moving wall is set to be the northern one and the input and output are set to be periodic boundaries.

First following this other topic,2215,2369#msg-2369, I set the boundary conditions in velocity on the northern and southern walls by using .addVelocityBoundary0P and 0N methods.
THis didn’t yield good results, as if the flow was not driven as much as it should by the moving wall.

Then I tried with the method .setVelocityConditionOnBlockBoundaries, and the results were much better. The only problem I could notice for now with this method is the corners. Like described in the other topic, the treatment for the corners seems to be taken, which in my case I don’t want since the flow is considered circular.

I really don’t understand for now why there is such a difference between the results just by changing the method addVelocity by setVelocity? (this is actually my question)

I was wondering if it was possible to use anyway the method setVelocity, and in that case, impose brutally inside the class BoundaryManager a wall treatment and not a corner treatment to be taken?

THanks a lot to anyone taking some time to give me some hints on this!

Hello again,

finally I managed to get everything fine since the error I was getting was due to my own mistake :-)…

I was calling addVelocity0N and 0P when I should have been calling addVelocity1P and 1N !!! grrr…

So I end this topic.

See you all