conjugate heat transfer with solids modeling?

Dear LB experts:

I just started learning LB method. I am in medical instrumentation industry where we encounter conjugate heat transfer with complex geometries frequently. In olb release 0.5, it has thermal flow capability. I am wondering if someone can shed some light on conjugate heat transfer modeling that involves both solids (conduction) and fluid (natural convection and/or force convection). In this case, constant temperature BC and/or heat flux BC might be needed.

Any literature on this topic will be highly appreciated.


Check out the paper from Wang, Wang, Li: “A lattice Boltzmann algorithm for fluid-solid conjugate heat transfer” 2006

Hi, Martin,

Thanks a lot for the info. I have found this paper on one of the authors’ web page and read it. This is a good start.

This paper is limited to 2D and steady state case. It will be wonderful if this has been extended to 3D transient case (am I being greedy here?).


I haven’t looked further into this so I can’t be of any help there - sorry. But if you extend it to 3d don’t forget to give me a shout :wink: