Compiling Palabos with Visual Studio

Hi there!
Dear Palabos team, I’m just wondering why do you say here that the Palabos code cannot be compiled with MS Visual Studio: “the Palabos code does not compile with Visual C++, and we don’t know why”?
I suppose this line is very ancient and is not true for a very long time, but you just forgot you’d written it :slight_smile:
I found no difficulties compiling the latest Palabos code with VS 2012. I’m just starting dealing with Palabos, so I haven’t even figured out if it produces valid results (but I hope it does :slight_smile: ), however, I know for sure it can be easily compiled with MS Visual Studio. BTW, the code looks really neat. Thank you for that wonderful free product!

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Hi MrKat:
I just wonder how did you did it. Did you have to add manually each file? it was possible to use the makefile?
Did you run it?
Your answer will really help me, as I need to debug in parallel some functions of Palabos.
Regards Guillermo

hi MrKat
how do you compile the latest palabos code with vs 2012? can you share your experience? I have tried to compile the latest palabos code with vs 2013 in windows 7 system, but it always failed. would you please tell us how you did it? Thank you.