Can anyone help me to code this simple case in Palabos?

I am a indoor air quality researcher but I don’t know C++ and LBM well so I need some code to start with.
I can make Palabos’ tutorials compile on my machine. But I cannot understand them.
There are no pictures and graphs in the tutorials to help the reader to understand the cases.
Can you please help me learn by showing the source code of some even simpler cases (like the one in the attachment)?
Attached is a two d problem with an inlet and an outlet in a bounding box. the Reynolds number is 5000. How to program this simple case in Palabos? Thanks. (I know how to do that using OpenFOAM and Fluent. But I want to try LBM)
(Link: )

I wrote a heavily commented version of one of the examples. Maybe that can help you understand how to work Palabos.,2348

(“heavily” means: About one comment per line of code)