Calculate the non-equilibrium populations without Pi in 2D to calculate the wall shear stress

Hi comunity,

I am currently working on determining 2D non-equilibrium populations. I need these populations to determine the wall shear stress.

In the folder ./src/dataProcessors, I did not find computeNonequilibrium for 2D case as opposed to 3D case.

I was reading some post, [Computation of the populations]

I saw that the populations that are not in equilibrium can be determined by means of,

f_i ^(neq) = f_i - f_i ^(eq) (Equation 1).

My questions are

Is the parallelism of a code affected by the implementation of definition (Equation 1)?

How can I determine the equilibrium population in each direction (i) for a given cell in 2D?

Thanks for your suggestions