Building a Personal Palabos Git Repository

Hi everyone,

I am so glad to see the forum back to life so that we could share experiences with each other. As you all know, there is the Palabos GitLab repository for version control. I spend some time to work out my own git workflow with Palabos and here is what it looks like. I just started to work with this workflow and would like to have your comments and suggestions about it. Thank you.

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thank you very much for these instructions. Can I add your link to the contributing instructions of Palabos?

Hi Orestis,

I am glad that you’re interest in it. It’s my pleasure to have the link added to the instructions of Palabos.


Hi Orestis and swang251,

swang’s instructions are very nice! What it could be added is the possibility to have an automatic synchronization between palabos and its fork master branch in gitlab with mirror repository I find it useful and I think that is compatible with swang’s workflow…