Bugs In MultiGrid Mod

Hi, guys, when I try to use the MultiGridLattice mod in porous media. I found out some bugs.

   The first is in "dataProcessors/metaStuffWrapper2D.hh".  This bug will cause the program  allocate memory repeatedly. Eventually run out of my computer resources. I fixed it, and it would work well with the "dipole.cpp".  Here is the  code.

113# std::vector emptyVector(nextMaximum);
114# std::vector preMaximum;//Added By Black
116# std::vector<std::vector > maxima;
116# do {
117# preMaximum=nextMaximum;//Added By Black
118# //IterateDynamicsFunctional2D functional(nextMaximum);//Commented By Black
119# IterateDynamicsFunctional2D functional(preMaximum);//Added By Black
120# applyProcessingFunctional(functional, domain, containerVector);
121# nextMaximum = functional.getNextMaximum();
122# //if(!vectorEquals(nextMaximum,emptyVecto)){//Commented By Black
123# if (!vectorEquals(nextMaximum, emptyVector)&&!vectorEquals(nextMaximum,preMaximum)) {//Added By Black
124# maxima.push_back(nextMaximum);
124# }
125# }
126# //while (!vectorEquals(nextMaximum, emptyVector));//Commented By Black
127# while(!vectorEquals(nextMaximum, preMaximum));//Added By Balck

    And when I try to change the  Descriptor in dipole.cpp to ForcedD2Q9Descriptor, here comes the second bug.

Since the Descriptor::ExternalField::numScalars of D2Q9Descriptor is equal to zero,it does’t matter. As to ForcedD2Q9Descriptor, the dipole will crash. To fix it ,just change these two lines of “multiGrid/multiGridLattice2D.hh”. Here is the code.
235# PLB_ASSERT(components.size()==1+Descriptor::d+Descriptor::q);//Commented By Black
236# PLB_ASSERT(components.size()==1+Descriptor::d+Descriptor::q+Descriptor::ExternalField::numScalars);//Added By Black

237# // 1. Density.

479# //plint numComponents = 1+Descriptor::d+Descriptor::q;//<-Commented By Black
480# plint numComponents= 1+Descriptor::d+Descriptor::q+Descriptor::ExternalField::numScalars;
//<-Added By Black

However ,there are much more bugs in the MultiGridLattice mod, I am trying to fix them now.