bounce back and boundary check


I am experiencing some trouble when checking for boundary nodes by the function call .getDynamics().isBoundary()
Although I have defined a lattice cell to be a bounce back node via

defineDynamics(lattice, bbBox, new BounceBack<T,DESCRIPTOR>);

I still get 'false' as a return value, but the boundary works just fine. Is there anything I am missing?

This is probably (wild guess) because bounceback, although it is used as boundary condition in LB, is implemented as a dynamics class and thus isBoundary() returns false.

In src/core/dynamics.hh the bounce back dynamics is defined, and it should in principle return a ‘true’ value

template<typename T, template class Descriptor>
bool BounceBack<T,Descriptor>::isBoundary() const {
return true;

Even more, if I check the typeid of a bounce back node, it will return me the ID of a fluid node. I have not found out where the information about the lattice nodes' ID is stored, yet, but is there a way to apply an update?