Binary output

Hi all
I am interested in the programing style of Palabos. With the help of the tutorial material and the User’s Guide, I could apply it to some simple cases. However, the output file sometimes was so large that it could not be afforded if the data was saved in ASCII format. For the sake of the disk space, I want to use the binary format instead. I noticed that the Palabos had the ability from I also noticed that Timm asked a similar question, but for the binary vtk files. I have tried for several times but until now I have not found the appropriate way to do that. Could anybody here give me some advice please? Many thanks.

Best wishes

Hi Feitian,

You can add your own writer for binary vtk. In this case you need to compile vtk on your machine first and then add all the necessary headers and linking flags. I can provide you with the cpp vtk binary output but not with Palabos. Please write me email at