As to the exmple of cylinder, what is the format of output?

I saw the application “2D flow past a cylinder” ( )
But I found in the open source of example cylinder that there is no output file desiged…
So, is the code of the application “2D flow past a cylinder” different from that published?



I’m not sure to understand your concern. Which open source software are you talking about? There are plenty of them. In C, C++, fortran, etc. Or are you talking about the one in xFlows?

In xFlows the output by default is to produce gif files but you need to have imageMagick installed.

If you have another problem be more specific about which one of the “open source” code you are using.


Hi, Orestis! thanks for your response! :slight_smile:
I did not install imageMagick, but now the problems have been solved. I just added a piece of program for visualizing the output data.
ps: What I’m using now is the Release olb-0.5r1.tgz(in c++, December 15 2008), published at
I really want to learn more about OpenLB, and try to solve problems with it. Hope we can discuss much more later~ :slight_smile:

Best regards,