Announcement: community Wiki

This is to announce that a community Wiki has been opened on the website. Anybody can register and add content about lattice Boltzmann to the Wiki. This can for example be a summary of a well-known topic, a presentation of ongoing research, or a discussion on a controverted topic.

In particular, the community Wiki can be used as a support for this discussion forum. If you find your topic too long or subtle to be described on a forum thread, you may present it on the Wiki instead, and link the Wiki page from the forum. On Wiki pages, you are able to

  • Structure your text with titles and paragraphs.
  • Embed pictures in the text.
  • Upload documents such as source code and make them available for download.
  • Typeset mathematical formulas with a LaTeX-style syntax.
  • Access old versions of a page. When you save changes, all previous versions of the page stay accessible.
  • Work collaboratively. Users have read/write access to all pages of the community Wiki.

The community Wiki is located at the following address:

To get started, you can read the tutorial: