Additional force term

Hello everyone!
I have a simple 3D Poiseuille flow with pressure inflow and outflow boundary conditions. I need to impose an additional force term to a set of the cells inside the domain. The term is simply added to the post-collision distributions: f* = f* + a, where a is a force term. What would be the best way to implement this with Palabos? Thank you!

If anyone found a solution for the same. Please reply.

Saran S

As far as I know there are three ways for considering a force into the LB equations. Actually, I think it depends on your case. For example, based on my experience for simulation of two-phase flows the exact difference method (direct way) is more stable. By the way, the Guo method and shifting velocity method ( you can find in segregation example in palabos) are two other methods which bring the force effect in he LB equation indirectly.

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