A question to Andrea Parmigiani

dear Andrea
i want to apply D2Q9 to this thermal model. For isothermal boundary condition, there are three of directional temperature unknown and also for adiabatic wall i can not develop any good relationship. in the paper the formulae rare only derived for D2Q5 model. please send me the reference that embraces D2Q9 model.
Thank you

If I can I will answer with pleasure… but I’m sorry I probably do not understand something in your message. What paper are you talking about? Are you talking about the matlab script that you can find on the LBmethod.org ? … and then you are referring about the paper of Guo. right?

Anyway … I remember that in the book of Sukop (Introduction to lattice Boltzmann for geoscientist) they develop the constant temperature Boundary condition using a D2Q9 model (actually they only use the D2Q9 model in the whole chapter about advection diffusion model and they also show how to play with constant flux boundary conditions and maybe more)

thanks a lot

Dear Andrea,
thank you very much. It is useful.