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Please introduce me a paper or any material that explain 3D MRT LB (D3Q19) method in details (e.g. formulation the relaxation matrix and body force implementation ,…).

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The basic article for 3D MRT-LB is:

d’Humières, D., Ginzburg, I., Krafczyk, M., Lallemand, P. and Luo, L.-S. (2002), Multiple-relaxation-time lattice Boltzmann models in three dimensions, Phil Trans Roy Soc Lond A, 360, 437-451

which gives the formulation, the matrices for D3Q15 and D3Q19 lattices and how the relaxation times relate to physical properties. To apply any body or interface forces, there is an additional article:

Premnath, K. N. and Abraham, J. (2007), Three-dimensional multi-relaxation time (MRT) lattice-Boltzmann models for multiphase flow, J Comp Phys, 224, 539-559

which explains how you can apply additional source terms for forces to the post-collisional moments. (The expressions for the terms are given, albeit not especially clearly.)

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Dear Michael,

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